Mariposas Home

At Mariposas Home we have a wide catalog of holiday homes where you can enjoy with family and friends with a wide variety of facilities. Our greatest desire is to offer you the best option, value for money and 24-hour support. We are excited to share the relaxation that comes with enjoying Fuerteventura and encourage travelers and explorers to satisfy their travel needs. We are committed to providing our customers with a wonderful experience, from the initial contact to the moment you return home. We inspire our customers to continue their life of travel and extraordinary experiences. Through our homes exceptionally curated for every occasion, we'll take you on an adventure where you'll create lasting memories. The homes are from 2018 with modern and spacious furniture, following a series of standards to be able to enjoy your vacations or celebrations with the peace of mind that the home is designed for the safety of children. We have FIBER OPTICS, AIR CONDITIONING AND HEATED POOL ALL YEAR ROUND in all our villas. The homes fit any type of traveler profile, digital nomads, teleworking, passionate globetrotters, occasional travelers, adventure seekers, romantic getaways, family reunions, celebrations... we can satisfy all your needs.


+34 692 359 903 (Efrén)

+34 674 327 651 (Félix)