Terms of Use

Booking terms and conditions Mariposas Home Mariposas Home reservation commitment and contract:

(a) Mariposas Home will provide accommodation in accordance with the reservation. An inquiry or temporary reservation only becomes a valid reservation when a deposit payment has been received.

(b) Flights: Mariposas Home does not organize flights, but will help find the flight. Do not book your flights until we confirm your accommodation reservation. If you miss your flight, Mariposas Home will help you alter your accommodation arrangements, but there is no guarantee that they can organize it and you may have to pay any additional charges.

(c [i]) Accommodation Descriptions: Mariposas Home ensures that the descriptions on the Mariposas Home website (www.mariposashome.com) are as accurate as possible. Furniture and accessories can sometimes vary from images on the website. The interior and exterior decoration may have changed since the photographs were taken. However, any major changes are reflected. Exterior photos are updated when possible, however trees, hedges, and shrubs grow rapidly in warm weather and the actual exterior and views may differ from those in the photographs. Also, trees, hedges and plants may need pruning / planting making the property and grounds more open. There may also be times when an advertised installation is modified or unavailable. Such situations may be dictated by local circumstances, a need for maintenance, water shortages, inappropriate weather conditions, fuel shortages, power outages and other circumstances beyond the control of Agni Travel, which cannot be held responsible in such circumstances. The property floor plans, where provided, are for guidance only.

(c [ii]) Editorials, reviews and announcements: the text or descriptions that describe a property of Mariposas Home, not found on the website www.agnitravel.com, are not part of our contract with you. Mariposas Home is not responsible for the publication of errors on other websites. It is your responsibility to verify the description and characteristics of the property on the website www.mariposashome.com, before booking.

(c [iii]) Access to accommodation: Most of our properties are located in rural areas or small coastal villages where access (and access roads) can be through narrow, twisted, steep, or undeveloped roads. Adverse weather conditions, although rare, can make the roads very slippery. You cannot expect the roads to be the same level as in your home country. If you are a nervous or inexperienced driver abroad, ask us for advice before booking.

(c [iv]) Additional customer questions and requests: Before booking, we recommend that you ask our expert team any additional questions about our properties by phone or email. However, telephone conversations are not recorded and are not part of our reservation contract with you. If a particular property feature or nearby attraction is important to you, this must be confirmed by us prior to booking, unless clearly indicated in the property description on our website. Mariposas Home is not responsible for anything that has been discussed over the phone prior to your stay, unless confirmed in writing.

(c [v]) Property Inspections: We work tirelessly to provide you with the best rental experience, always being one of our top priorities. Our goal is to inspect our properties as often as possible and with the utmost care. However, Mariposas Home will not be responsible for providing compensation for any injury, illness, death, loss, damage, expense, cost or any claim arising from: (a) the act (s) and / or abandonment of the person / affected people; (b) the act (s) and / or negligence of a third party without connection to the contract agreed between Mariposas Home and the person who booked the vacation; (c) unusual or unforeseen conditions beyond our control, the results of which could not have been altered, even if all due effort and care had been exercised.

(d) Resort Guides: The information contained in our Resort Guides, and on our pages that describe what facilities are nearby, is to assist you in planning your vacation, but is not part of the Mariposas Home contract with you. Some facilities, such as taverns, nearby public pools, water sports, and boat rentals , may not work or are open at the beginning or end of the season. Mariposas Home has no control over the opening and closing dates of these facilities and attractions.

(e) Building: Naturally, the properties chosen by Mariposas Home are carefully selected to ensure that your stay is a success. However, from time to time, you can start construction work and its associated noise. Mariposas Home does not control such work, but will notify you, as soon as possible, if any nearby construction work would affect your stay.

(f [i]) Payments can be made in euros or pounds sterling and will use the exchange rate when making a payment.

(f [ii]) Mariposas Home has the right to change any of the prices and accommodation services within its website at any time before entering into a contract with you. If there are any changes, they will notify you before entering into such an agreement.

(f [iii]) Payments: can be made by credit card, debit card (Visa and Mastercard) or by bank transfer.

(g) Due to circumstances beyond the control of Mariposas Home or due to unforeseen situations when confirming your reservation, and only where absolutely necessary, it may be essential to make a change in the accommodation arrangements. Mariposas Home will make every effort to provide comparable arrangements, but if they cannot, a full and immediate refund will be made, and the Company will have no additional liability.

(h) If you cancel: If you have to cancel the contract with Mariposas Home, you must send an email to our reservations department. Our contact details are in the reservation confirmation email and on our website. The cancellation is effective on the date we receive and process your email, not the day you send it. If you cancel after we confirm your reservation, you must compensate us for the losses, as we incur costs from the moment you make the reservation. The closer the cancellation is to the arrival date, the less likely we are to recover these costs by reselling the accommodation. The amount that we can refund is reduced as the arrival date approaches, as shown below. If you have to cancel for a reason covered by your insurance policy, you should be able to recover your payments. Claims must be made directly to the corresponding insurance company. We will provide you with a cancellation letter stating the payments paid. Refund depends on the 'Payment Option' you selected: Non-Refundable If canceled, no refund will be granted. Partially refundable The 20% deposit is non-refundable. If additional balance payments have been made, these payments will be refunded as follows: Cancellation more than 72 days before arrival, 80% refund Cancellation more than 56 days before arrival, 50% refund % 55 days - 48 days before arrival, a 40% refund 47 days - 40 days before arrival, a 30% refund 39 days - 32 days before arrival, a 10% refund 31 - 1 day before arrival, or if no show, no refund will be granted. Free cancellation You can cancel free of charge up to 42 days before arrival; All payments will be refunded. Cancellation less than 42 before arrival; No refund of payments. If you decide to vacate your accommodation earlier, no refund will be given for the remaining days and dates may be available.

(i) Alterations and modifications to the reservation: once a reservation has been confirmed, it is up to Mariposas Home to decide whether a modification can be made. A charge can be made for any modification to the reservation. For a reduction of dates, a charge may be applied to make up for lost days. You are expected to pay any increase if the cost increases and if there is a decrease no refund or reduction will be granted.

(j) After your stay, you will be invited to complete a review of the property in which you have stayed. Reviews will be available to other clients to help choose which property is best for them. Mariposas Home also uses the reviews to improve the service and properties offered.

(k) In case of force majeure that causes the cancellation of your accommodation (such as war, strikes, fires, natural disasters, etc.), no refund will be granted.

Customer commitment to Mariposas Home:

(a) Payment of the balance: The balance of your accommodation must be paid 6 weeks before your arrival. The reservations department will send you an email reminder before your balance is due. Although more reminders will be sent via email, ultimately it is your responsibility to pay your balance on time and if you do not pay your balance a 50 euro fine will be added to your balance payment. Additionally, we reserve the right to cancel your accommodation if your balance is past due and no refund will be paid. (b) Use of air conditioning: Due to the high running costs of air conditioning and to help the environment, customers are requested to observe the following terms and conditions of use of air conditioning: windows and doors must be kept closed while the units are on. The air conditioning should only be used when you are on the property and turned off when you leave. The units, with fan assist, will cool your property very quickly upon your return. Failure to comply with the above, during your stay, may cause the deactivation of the air conditioning units. The temperature cannot be set below 21c. Also, some properties have a timer so that the air conditioner can only be used at night. (c [i]) Accommodation problems or complaints: Mariposas Home will take any problem you may have during your stay very seriously and will solve it to the best of its ability. However, any problems or complaints should be reported to Mariposas Home immediately. Mariposas Home should be given sufficient time to rectify any problems and take into account local situations that contribute to the problem. Compensation payments will only be considered when it is proven that a) You reported the problem to Mariposas Home.

b) The problem was not resolved and had a prolonged or significant impact on the enjoyment of the reserved accommodation. It is not acceptable to file a serious complaint after you have returned home. If a problem is only reported to housekeeping staff or property owner or property manager, but not to Mariposas Home and Mariposas Home was not clearly informed of the seriousness of any concerns, no compensation will be considered. Mariposas Home is not responsible for compensation for events beyond its control. For example, problems related to the weather, natural disasters, failures of services outside the town (electricity, water), local festivities, parties, natural noise, fires, filming and reports, construction in progress, responsibilities or restrictions of local authorities . (c [ii]) Complaint arbitration scheme: In connection with our ABTA membership, we offer an arbitration scheme for dispute resolution. This system is available to you if you believe that, after following the above procedure

(c [i]), your complaint was not resolved. You can find more information about arbitration at www.abta.com/consumer-services. (c [iii]) How to file a complaint: If you are seeking monetary compensation for problems experienced while at the resort, you must file a formal complaint within 7 days of departure. In addition, all correspondence of complaints must be submitted in writing (by letter or email). Under ABTA's Code of Conduct, we have 14 days to acknowledge receipt of your letter and an additional 14 days to respond. Once an answer is provided (and if compensation is offered and accepted), the case will be marked as 'CLOSED' and no further compensation will be provided or will be provided. (d [i]) Housing accessories, accessories, description and use: Occasionally, an accessory or fixture on a property may require service or repair. (For example, this may include: dishwasher / washing machines and other kitchen equipment, swimming pool, lighting, air conditioning units). Mariposas Home is not responsible for loss of use while making a repair. (d [ii]) Televisions and satellite TV: Some of the Mariposas Home properties have televisions. These only provide free or local satellite channels. We will do our best to make sure you have a choice of channels available, but we cannot guarantee what will be and there will be few English speaking channels. Sky Satellite is not (legally) available outside the UK and our properties do not offer it. If you specifically want to watch a televised event (such as a sport, Olympic games, matches, concerts or news), we do not guarantee that the event will be viewable at your rental property and you will be encouraged to visit a nearby tavern or bar that is showing it (d [iii]) When a property is described as offering WiFi Internet, Mariposas Home makes every effort to make this service available to you, but does not guarantee 100% uptime. Internet connections are not part of our contract with you, even if they are mentioned in the description of the accommodation and are not for commercial use. There may also be restrictions on the availability and speed of the service transmitted by the local provider, and technical problems may cause a temporary withdrawal of Internet facilities. VOIP services, such as Skype, may not work due to bandwidth restrictions. We cannot accept responsibility for any downtime or consequences of using this service and no refund / compensation can be offered due to circumstances beyond our control. If you report that the service is not working, we will attempt to have a technician visit the property within 24 hours of notification, however phone failures can sometimes take a long time to repair and you should be aware that you are in a country abroad where it is not so easy or possible to repair a telephone system immediately. Finally, some versions of iPad and laptops do not support the previous Wi-Fi router architecture, which is widely used in rental properties, and Mariposas Home is not responsible if it cannot connect to a network. (d [iv]) When a property is described as 'semi-detached' or 'casita', the owner, neighbor or tourist may live or occupy next to or near the property. (d [v]) In certain tourist centers, particularly those closest to the airport, it is not uncommon to experience aircraft noise. Also, you can hear noise from roads, wildlife, and other types of accommodation, especially if your accommodation is located near a busy resort. This may be more noticeable during the high season due to the increase in flights and tourists. (d [vi]) As a member of ABTA, it is a legal requirement for us to complete periodic health and safety inspections. We will notify you if there is an inspection (day and time) during your stay. If this is inconvenient, we will try to reschedule an alternate schedule that is convenient for you. (e [i]) Travel insurance: Mariposas Home does not offer travel insurance. As a customer of Mariposas Home, you must take out your own travel insurance. (If the villa is equipped with a safe, we recommend using this safe to store valuables, including electronic items, cash, and jewelry. If the villa is equipped with an alarm, it should be activated when you leave the villa. It should not leave the villa unlocked if it is unattended and windows must be closed.) Mariposas Home is not responsible for theft, illness or any other travel related claim that may occur during your stay. (e [ii]) Lost property: It is your responsibility to ensure that all personal belongings are collected at the end of your stay. Any personal items left on the property may be removed by the laundry / cleaning and may not be recoverable. Mariposas Home cannot accept responsibility for any of your personal belongings. (e [iii]) Alarm and security: When an alarm is installed on the property, it is essential that the customer activate it when he is not on the property. The property may also have security cameras (CCTV) that are for monitoring purposes only. (f) Accommodation occupation: The Mariposas Home website shows the maximum number of people that can stay in each accommodation. This number cannot be exceeded unless prior written permission is requested and a supplemental payment is made. If you exceed the maximum number of people and do not have written permission, you will be asked to leave the property and no refund will be granted. (g) Accommodation security: if you have children in your group, before booking accommodation with Mariposas Home, send your questions by email to help you choose the most suitable villa for your needs. Mariposas Home will be happy to answer your questions or concerns. Despite the efforts and advice of Mariposas Home, it is ultimately your responsibility to care for and ensure the safety of your group members. Some properties may have low walls, steps on and off the property, nightly balconies with railings and nearby entrances and pathways. No accommodation can be considered perfectly safe for children and when our property description mentions "child safe" areas , they are subjective and may not offer the same security that you expect for your family. (h) Your privacy: In order to process your reservation and provide you with your confirmed accommodation, we will need to collect and process personal information. This can be provided to our local agents so that their travel and accommodation arrangements can be arranged. When you provide us with personal information, you agree that this information is used as described above. During your stay, you will be provided with an emergency contact number and all calls you make will be recorded. (i [i]) Climate: even on holidays it rains occasionally. Rain and other weather conditions are not the responsibility of Mariposas Home. Not all vacation rental accommodations are designed for adverse weather conditions, including heavy rain, excessive heat, cold, or humidity. If you are booking the preseason, bring appropriate warm clothing. (i [ii]) Local life: By choosing to vacation abroad, you become a guest in another country. Local life continues around you, and while we choose our properties carefully, we cannot be held responsible for a close neighbor deciding to repair the house, mow the lawn, or any other maintenance. Local authorities have a duty to repair roads and trails, cut grass and clean beaches. (i [iii]) Wildlife: In hot climates, wildlife, flora and fauna thrive. During your vacation, you may encounter chickens, barking dogs, goats, donkeys, rodents, wasps, and biting insects, or anything else that reasonably exists in the natural environment in which many of our properties are located. Inside your property you can reduce flies and ants by keeping food and drinks in the refrigerator and cleaning food debris right away. The mosquito and ant spray can be easily purchased locally if you need it. The cleaning service may also be asked to remove any nest or infestation. If the problem is serious and has an impact on your stay, it is essential that you notify Mariposas Home of its severity so that we can arrange for a professional exterminator to visit the property. (i [iv]) Cats: The Canary Islands has many stray animals, including cats. These do not belong to a property and rarely cause problems. If you don't like cats or are afraid of them, please let us know before booking so that we can advise you on a suitable place for your vacation. (j [i]) Third-party arrangements: Mariposas Home only provides accommodation. Mariposas Home does not reserve or organize: flights, car rentals, taxis, minibuses, late arrival / departure hotels, or any other transfers (including hydrofoil and ferry tickets). If you request any of these, Mariposas Home will try to suggest an independent local agent who can help you organize them, however you will be dealing directly with the agent. Mariposas Home is not responsible for any compensation derived from the services you choose provided by a third party. (j [ii]) Third-party services: when you have ordered a third party to provide you with a service related to your holidays, Mariposas Home may, at their request, provide some of the relevant details of its clients, which are necessary for this third. to supply the required extra service. (k [i]) Personal information: It is a legal requirement for Mariposas Home to collect the personal data of each person who travels. A secure link will be emailed to you to collect this information. (k [ii]) Contact telephone number: A mobile telephone number or contact number must be provided, with which you can be contacted during your holidays, in case Mariposas Home needs to inform you of anything that may affect your Holiday accommodation, transfer or third party services. If you do not provide us with a correct phone number, Mariposas Home is not responsible for any inconvenience it may cause. (l) Pets: If you plan to bring a pet with you on vacation, you must apply to Mariposas Home and obtain written permission. If you arrive on vacation with a pet, without the written permission of Mariposas Home, you will be asked to leave the property. (m) Celebration Weddings and Parties: Mariposas Home will be happy to help advise you on any of your wedding or celebration plans. However, if you plan to host a reception or party at a Mariposas Home property, you must ask Mariposas Home before booking and obtain written permission. (n [i]) Your vacation decision: Mariposas Home provides numerous photos (which can be viewed in high definition) of almost every room on the property. A detailed description of the property is also provided to assist you, including: text describing the property, videos, floor plans of the property, approximate measurements of the pool, approximate distances to nearby attractions. Mariposas Home also invites you, before booking, to ask additional questions to our experienced and knowledgeable team about the property and location, especially if a particular feature or attraction is important to you. However, ultimately it is your responsibility to investigate as no refund will be given if the property or location does not suit your particular vacation taste. (n [ii]) Your Vacation Confirmation: Mariposas Home treats your vacation confirmation very seriously. The moment you commit and make a deposit payment (or pay in full) your contract with Mariposas Home begins. Your payment is processed and our automated system confirms your reservation by sending you an email. An email or SMS is also sent to the owner notifying him of his reservation and confirming an additional contract between Mariposas Home and the owner. If at a later date you decided to cancel (no matter how short the duration between making a confirmation payment and your cancellation), the cancellation terms detailed in this contract will apply. Specific booking terms for holidays in Spain: (a) Arrival and departure times of the accommodation: the check-in time is at 16:00 or later. Check out time is 10:00. On the day of your arrival, it is possible to arrive from 13:00 to leave the bags and use the pool, however, the cleaning / maintenance team can be on the property until 16:00 and we ask that you respect them as they complete the preparations for your villa. The day of your departure, the cleaning service can arrive from 09:00 to start preparing the property for the next clients. If you need an earlier check-in or a later check-out, please contact your local Agni Travel office to see if this is possible. Please note that this may incur an additional fee. Tourist tax: (a) Canarias (Fuerteventura) does not apply a tourist tax, it is exempt from the tax when booking your accommodation. Single-sex parties or parties under 25: (a) Age group under 25 years: if your group is formed by a group where the average age is under 25 years, a refundable security deposit of 150 euros, per person, is required, payable with the balance of the accommodation or 6 weeks before arrival. Upon departure, the villa must be left clean and tidy, and upon inspection, the security deposit will be refunded less any breakage or additional cleaning required. (b) Single-sex parties: if your group is made up of a group whose average age is under 25, a refundable security deposit of 150 euros per person is required. Upon departure, the villa must be left clean and tidy, and upon inspection, the security deposit will be refunded less any breakage or additional cleaning required.